Power Generating Equipment Movers in Los Angeles, CA

Handling Heavy Transformers with Precision

Machinery Moving Services in Los Angeles, CALA Machinery Moving has extensive experience in packing, moving, and transporting power generating electrical equipment. Our team of highly skilled movers is trained to handle your valuable equipment with proper moving techniques specific to sensitive and delicate goods. Complicated systems like medical equipment, IT servers, and lab equipment are treated carefully as they are packed and moved.

Some types of electrical equipment we move:

  • Motors
  • Cables
  • Power plants
  • Transformers
  • Cores and components

At LA Machinery Moving, we utilize tools and equipment like forklifts and cranes to move and transport bulky and heavy transformers for relocation and storage. Our modern equipment allows our trained team to move your oversized electrical equipment safer, simpler, and quicker. Our forklifts can accurately maneuver your 70-ton equipment securely. Call our representatives at (626) 937-3171 with the details of your equipment to discuss the specifics of your machinery relocation.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide a personal touch and treat your machinery as if it were our own.
  • We ensure that your equipment remains in perfect condition.
  • We delivery machinery with speed, efficiency, and safety.
  • We have a capacity to crate and ship equipment internationally.
  • We offer free estimates and quotes.